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Workplace safety and the threat of violence

What if your office was the one attacked by somebody with a gun? Would you know what to do? Are security measures in place in your workplace? 

Security Consultant Dwayne Tatalovich says industry standards recommend companies perform safety drills, but few actually conduct them. Tatalovich says if there's violence at your office, close your door, move to a remote area and call 911.  If you're outside the office,

“If you can retreat to a property that’s some distance away, if you have access to a vehicle. Anything you can do to extricate yourself from the foreseeable risk of harm should be done," Tatalovich said.

Tatalovich say hiding under your desk is not a total loss, if that's all the safety you have at work. And, he said if there's anything reassuring in the wake of Wednesday's office tragedy, it's this,

“Although we have had a rash of workplace violence, of stranger-on-stranger type crimes, they’re still rare statistically if you compare them to the FBI Part 1 and Part 2 crimes," he said.

But Tatalovich said if violent incidents become more frequent in mediation settings, the day may come when security will be routine in those environments.