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Collections: How Arizona man's single silly goose tattoo turned into a gaggle

Collections is a series from The Show devoted to the things we acquire and treasure.

From bottles to bola ties, we’ve heard about some interesting collections on The Show, but defense attorney Dan Wilson’s collection is a little different. Instead of physical items, he’s got a unique collection of tattoos. 

Wilson has five different silly geese tattooed on his body by Apryl Triana at 27 Tattoo in downtown Phoenix. Wilson says even though his gaggle is technically complete, he still plans on getting even more silly goose tattoos.

Full interview

DAN WILSON: I just finished my fifth geese tattoo and I think I'm just gonna run with this theme. I just completed my gaggle. As you know, in order for there to be a gaggle of geese, there needs to be at least five. The first one I got was on my right quad. And that was kind of like an ode to my grandfather because it's got the Groucho Marx glasses and the, and the mustache and big nose and all of that kind of stuff over a goose, smoking a cigar with the pinwheel hat. And then she added the French fry tie, and that was kind of like an ode to me also being an attorney.

That one is the first concept of a silly goose. And the reason I got it was primarily because of how stressful my job is. And I wanted something to remind me to loosen up. I didn't want anything serious. I'm a millennial so I grew up with a lot of like friends of mine who got really bro tattoos, like the barbed wire around their arm and stuff like that. And I was like, man, tattoos just aren't my thing.

But then I started to see more and more just kind of silly fun tattoos. And I was like, you know what, I, I could do something like that. The second tattoo I got was someone we dubbed as banana Nicole Smith. She's on my left quad, and she is a goose hiding in a banana, and she's got a, a banana bandanna. I often like to wear a banana suit. Like when I go to music festivals, I go to music festivals a lot, and the final day I'm always exhausted, but that's why I bring the banana suit for the final day because I'm like, all right, this is what I need to get, to get that last little jolt of energy and fun.

The next two I got were a pair I got at the same time. This one is a shoot-out on my chest, like upper chest, shoulder area between two geese. One's an outlaw and one's the, the sheriff. This the sheriff, his name is Clint Geesewood. And, it's kind of an ode that Marty, was it Marty Robbins? I forget the artist's names. That country song, "Big Iron."

That song is like, really popular around the time that I got this on TikTok. And I was like, you know what? That's kind of a good inspiration for something here. And this is also kind of tying back into, you know, again, I'm 36. Every guy was getting like the sparrow or whatever facing each other. And I was like, I kind of want to do a play on that but just make it my own and make it kind of silly.

See, I thought four was a gaggle of geese and then I googled it and I was very disappointed. And then so that's when I got my fifth tattoo. The final tattoo is on my chest and that's like the middle of my chest. And this is a butter-floose. It's a half butterfly, half goose. A lot of people think it's a moth. But that was a play on Harry Styles' tattoo.

I think if anything, on my death bed, I'd regret not getting tattoos because it looks cool. And even it looks silly when I get older, so will my, the rest of my body, you know what I mean?


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Amber Victoria Singer is a producer for KJZZ's The Show. Singer is a graduate of the Water Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.